PROCEVA - vascular internal ambulance

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In our health center we provide a comprehensive vascular examination, where after a primary interview with the patient and taking anamnesis, a clinical examination is accomplished, further followed by an instrumental examination according to the nature of the disease, a therapeutic procedure is determined, eventually the patient is recommended for further examination and treatment in vascular centers of certain hospitals.

The patient is also monitored at specified intervals, depending on severity of the particular disease, with medical check-ups, risk factors, with the aim of preventing serious vascular complications.

An important group is patients with diabetes mellitus, peripheral arterial disease, patients after deep vein thrombosis with a subsequently arising post-thrombotic syndrome as well as patients with thrombophilia.

The patient is explained in detail the nature of the disease, duration of the disease and possible complications. Subsequently an active participation of the patient on a successful course of a particular treatment of the disease is defined and set together with the patient.


  • Duplex ultrasound device Logiq P5
  • Plethysmograph vasoquant VQ1000
  • Professional pencil doppler Handydop-PRO
  • ECG

Within the field of internal medicine is also provided care focused on early diagnostics of other, so far not manifesting diseases such as e.g. coronary artery disease, hypertension, hyperlipemia, etc.

Surgery hours:
Monday 7:00-16:30, Tuesday 7:00-16:30, Wednesday 8:00-16:30, Thursday 7:00-15:30, Friday 8:00-14:30
Tel.: +420 777 25 2379, email: