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Preventive examination

To fulfill the meaning of "prevention is better than cure", we provide a preventive examination of the vascular system.

Among the important risk factors that increase the likelihood of vascular damage belong: smoking, stress, obesity, lack of exercise, diabetes (diabetes mellitus), higher concentration of lipids in blood (hyperlipidemia), high blood pressure, positive family anamnesis (presence of arterial and venous diseases in the family) thrombophilia (an inherited genetic predisposition to the increased blood clotting), or over the age of 45.

Within the prevention our vascular surgery performs a comprehensive angiology examination, ultrasound scans, Doppler examination of arteries of the lower extremities, photoplethysmography examination to assess the functional status of the venous system of the lower extremities and ECG.

The set of the particular examinations is closely consulted with the patient.

The preventive examinations are not covered by health insurance.

The price list of selected examinations
Comprehensive immunological examination 600 CZK
Ultrasound examination of the vessels 900 CZK
Doppler examination of arteries of lower extremities400 CZK
Photopletysmographic examination 550 CZK

Surgery hours:
Monday 7:00-16:30, Tuesday 7:00-16:30, Wednesday 8:00-16:30, Thursday 7:00-15:30, Friday 8:00-14:30
Tel.: +420 777 25 2379, email: